We, at Saskatoon’s Layer3, offer managed IT services, should your company need one (and trust us, companies usually do). We offer an experienced team equipped with infrastructure resources and high-performance applications that function as crucial extensions of your business. Under the supervision of a certified IT manager, your firm’s IT needs will be well taken care of, while you tend to the other aspects of a successful business. 

Here are the 6 bases we cover as a part of our managed IT services:


  • Continuous Monitoring


Our team installs specialized softwares that protects all aspects of your firm’s valuable digital systems. Rest assured that if anything looks awry, our experienced IT team will be alert and ready to take appropriate action 24/7. 


  • Proactive Maintenance


We are well-equipped with experienced professionals who work in multiple shifts around the clock trying to patch your infrastructure to assure you maximum uptime. We will take care of your systems while you get a good night’s sleep after a long day’s work. You can count on us to keep your systems stable and consistent across all your laptops and computers. This means you can budget and forecast your IT investment.


  • Server/Network/Desktop/User Support


Our certified IT team proactively keeps your network and servers patched, safe and secure, and at its peak performance while being monitored in real-time. Our technicians are available to users over the phone, at your office, or in remote sessions on short notice.


  • Backup and Disaster Recovery


We go a step beyond daily backups with our upgraded systems backup that works tirelessly and continuously, saving versions of files as and when worked on, to secure your data as you create it. What’s more, this includes open files, too!


  • Security and Virus Protection


We make sure our security plans and tools are always managed fully from our central office. Our utmost priority remains your data protection, and for that we implement every possible up-to-date tool and methods from within the secure confines of our office. Be it protection, monitoring, reporting, or mitigating issues without interruption, we are always on top of it. 


  • Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 Services


We offer all the necessary tools of the trade, including Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 services. With the ever-increasing power of the cloud, you can access your company data everywhere you go, regardless of which device you are on. This translates to powerful productivity features on tablets, phones, and guest machines.

We will upgrade and modify the tools and services integrated with your enterprise as your needs change in scope or volume. Defining, streamlining, and optimizing resources and how they accomplish in-scope work outcomes is an essential aspect of lowering cost of ownership and achieving high productivity levels. We help you get there. Want to know more? Get in touch with us at Layer3 IT Business Solutions, Saskatoon!