As part of our Network and Data Center Services practice, Layer 3 IT Business Solutions Network Services helps our clients build, enhance and maintain core infrastructure platforms to serve as strong foundations for applications and services. Our network setup and integration solutions are flexible and customizable to our clients’ technological environment and organizational readiness.

Planning and Design

Switches and routers come with hundreds of features and functions. Recognize the business’s needs without making the network overly complex.


Once the network’s implemented, the need for full-time attention to it drops. But doesn’t disappear. You’ll still need support for snags, new users, security updates, etc. Fortunately, our Network Support team has the solution. We recommend monthly support contracts as a low-cost way to maintain your business.


Installing new applications and distributing software upgrades, monitoring daily activity, enforcing licensing agreements, developing a storage management program and providing for routine backups needs to be managed by a Professional IT.

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